I create art by capturing my intense emotions and share them through my energising, uplifting language of colour. I want to inspire, to offer healing and aesthetics to you through my art

Bridget Bradley in Studio Holds Prints After Original Butterfly Paintings

Bridget Bradley is an Abstract Expressionist Artist whose work explores the depths of emotion and experience. As an artistic empath, Bridget paints intuitively, connecting with her inner world to capture profound emotions, ethereal realities, and hidden memories. Bridget’s paintings, all original and uniquely crafted, embody her personal style, primarily characterized by abstract hand-painted techniques infused with passion and love.

Raised in the New Zealand, Bridget’s upbringing immersed her in the outdoors, cultivating a rich imagination and a deep connection to nature. Since childhood, Bridget has experienced heightened senses, channeling these sensations into creative outlets such as drawing and colouring. Over time, she has embraced and utilized these heightened senses to create art that resonates with viewers.

Drawing on sensory cues, Bridget taps into deep emotions in real-time, translating them onto the canvas through vibrant colours and textures. Her unique colour language serves as a means of connection, allowing Bridget to share her emotional journey and stories with others.

Bridget Bradley Holds Her Original Abstract 'Golden Hour I'  in Pink and Golden Hues

Describing her work as art with soul, Bridget’s creative process is spontaneous and fluid, free from the constraints of social norms or expectations. Bridget often uses neon colours to make marks which feature prominently in her paintings.

With a strong belief in the therapeutic power of art, Bridget aims to nurture both mind and body through her creations. As a Creative Director, she not only produces abstract paintings, she also is a Graphite Penciller and enjoys designing artwork for her own products.

Ultimately, Bridget Bradley’s goal is to enrich the lives and spaces of individuals and communities through her art, nurturing health and wellbeing of mind and body through creativity and expression.

All this from the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Australia.

Read more about the art and why Bridget creates.

View My Original Abstract Art
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