Image of B. Streetwear tees.  Designer Streetwear Prints designed By Bridget Bradley, Abstract Artist & Designer.

When Art Intersects With Streetwear

It was always part of my dream to integrate my art and design concepts with streetwear. During the pandemic, while in Hong Kong, I experimented with design and yoga wear. The response to my designs was very positive. However, not knowing what was going to happen next or when I would get back to Australia, made it difficult to take my dream any further.

Art and Design Beginnings

Eventually, there was a shift along my journey and that dream became reality. Back in Australia, I began building a small business from scratch as a full-time Artist  offering originals and fine art prints for sale as well as teaching Yoga. Original art is my primary focus and I paint and draw most days.

Running my business as Creative Director is full on. Creating my own, authentic photos, video reels and shorts, managing my social media, designing graphics for my website, creating art and designing takes all my time. Yoga and spending time in the outdoors brings balance into my work/life relationship and it fuels my creativity. Family and friends have been very supportive and this helps me through when I feel overloaded.

Exclusive Tee Prints 

Drawing is something I've always enjoyed. I studied the sketching, etching and print design techniques at college both in New Zealand and Australia and continue to draw today. Street art is a favourite of mine, an inspiration and so my art flows onto my print designs.

Art and my love of fashion were destined to intersect. During 2023, I started playing around with my artsy designs. I had received very encouraging feedback about my print designs and I decided to go ahead, launching the initial collection in September. It's an extension of my art in a sense, a way for people to enjoy another aspect of my artistic creations.

Exclusive Tees and Street Style

B. Streetwear™ is contemporary in style, offering mainly white t-shirts with a front print and minimal logo on the back. Style is important to me and I create prints that lend toward a fresh, edgy and chic street style, so that the look will pair with almost any outfit.

The initial B. Streetwear collection was small, and is growing as I add more exclusive prints. The t-shirts are available as, mens tees, unisex t-shirts, women's organic tees and crop top tees.

My first design was for my bestie and I named it after her, The Eva Crop Top Tee, then followed, The Eva Women's Organic Tee. The collection includes mens or unisex t-shirts too. I am feeling inspired and more designs will come in time.

The Eva Crop Top Tee Black Design

Bridget Stands in Front of A Red Wall Wearing the Eva Crop top tee Black.

Unisex 'Off Grid' White Designer T-Shirt

The Off Grid tee was also one of my first print designs. Inspired by my Dad.

Model wears size large unisex 'Off Grid Tee' under a blue shirt.

Sustainable Cotton and Quality T-Shirts

I am all about high-quality clothing that is made to last, having modelled for several years in the high fashion arena. I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my own t-shirts. Quality stitching and finishing is an important part of my purchasing decision.

As a nature lover, I believe we need to look after animals and our planet, so it's important to me that any product I offer supports this belief. My t-shirts and crop tops are made with love from high-quality 100% cotton, ethically sourced and sustainably produced and custom printed with eco-friendly inks in Australia. The collections include 100% sustainable, certified organic cotton of which a large percentage is grown in Australia. B. Streetwear is shipped from Australia.

B. Streetwear Video

Exclusive Tees - What's New for 2024?

Recently, I added to B. Streetwear range with new print designs. The SWATCH collection of printed tees includes the unisex Swatch Tee Black and Gold, Swatch Pink Womens Organic Tee. Below I am wearing an oversize unisex Swatch Tee in Black and Gold.

Bridget Tries On the Unisex 'Swatch Tee Black and Gold' . Exclusive Print Designed by Bridget Bradley

It's been a lot of hard work to get this started, amongst painting and working at growing a business. It's early days but at least I've started.

To date, the feedback about the quality and feel of my streetwear tees is very positive. I hope you like my exclusive print designs and decide to add one to your wardrobe. In the future, I plan to add more quality products printed with my exclusive designs.

If you're an art lover or into streetwear fashion, I invite you join my VIP mailing list for previews of new originals, fine art prints and other products before they are released to the wider community.

Thank you so much for visiting my website and journal, I truly appreciate it.


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