About B. Yoga

Yoga and Art are both very mindful practices that I love to combine on a daily basis. I find practising Yoga not only brings balance, calm and joy to my life, in addition it benefits my creative spirit as an artist.

Bridget seen doing a dancer pose on a sandy beach Sunshine Coast. B. Yoga by Bridget Bradley

I am the founder of B. YOGA by Bridget Bradley (pronounced, “B Dot”) which is after my name, Bridget. It also symbolically refers to ‘being in the now’. As a child, I was often called Bridget B, so the B. has naturally evolved from there.

Yoga is my passion and I teach Forrest Yoga Inspired classes on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Queensland.

In addition, as an artist and creative with a background in the fashion industry, it seemed a natural progression to both share and offer exclusive apparel collections with my unique print designs, as an extension of my artwork.

“Yoga has changed my life and I honestly couldn’t imagine not practising it. “

Bridget in King Pidgeon Pose variation on a sandy beach of Sunshine Coast. B. Yoga by Bridget Bradley

Benefits of yoga

B. YOGA by Bridget Bradley, offers Forrest Yoga inspired classes which are about healing, connecting with your source, maintaining health, fitness and wellbeing.

✅ Find connection in the body through deep breathing techniques

✅ Centre through core strength

✅ Become more self aware

✅ Increase strength, flexibility and balance

Certified Yoga Instructor

I am an (RYT) Certified Forrest Yoga Instructor with international experience teaching private classes and groups overseas.

Currently I offer group online yoga classes.

Bridget seen enjoying yoga on the beach in Reverse Warrior Pose. B. Yoga by Bridget Bradley

Yoga lifestyle

As you can see, you can fit Yoga into your life anywhere. I love to do this out amongst nature, even on a hike with my best friend. It’s a great way to connect and practice mindfulness along the way.