The Art

Bridget Bradley, abstract expressionism artist with her original paintings

Abstract Art transforming
people & spaces

You return to your space that is uniquely yours and envelope yourself in an ambience of positivity, beauty, colour and style. It’s that special place you love to relax in, to take time to slow down, to get in touch with your feelings, to share with family and friends.

This is why I make art, for people like you. 

why I create art

I’m Bridget Bradley, an abstract expressionist artist. Passionate about creating art, my paintings are like a gift, a part of my authentic self that I share with others, with you. The intention is to express emotion from that deep consciousness, to heal by sharing feelings and inner worlds that are often hard to verbalise. I want my art to evoke positive emotions in you, to inspire you and heal, to provoke new perspectives, profound thoughts and genuine conversation in your circles. Each day when I paint, the emotional energy within is different and drives me to create in a certain way, sharing new feelings and concepts.

My art is often bright, bold and I love to paint in neons. I hope this will uplift you and make your home, apartment, hotel, restaurant or office a welcoming, luxurious space to inhabit. It’s a way to connect with you, your family, friends, guests, colleagues and facilitate more connections between you through the medium of visual art; contemporary art. I would like my paintings to stir your emotions, encourages you to take time to feel in the present moment in a way that invigorates you and makes a difference to your day every time you look at them.

If you are collecting art, and looking for one of a kind art, I hope you connect with me and find my work intriguing and unique. I also offer select pieces of my art as fine art prints, museum grade quality, printed by a registered Fine Art printer. This is another way you might enjoy my art.

art guarantee

I want you to be 100% happy with your original artwork. My artwork is precious, it is treated with great care, it is packed with materials for protection when handled and shipped. All I ask is that when you open the art, you treat it with as much care.

For this reason, I offer an original art guarantee, If you are not satisfied with the artwork then I offer a 7 day return policy. The conditional part refers to any damage not caused by me. For example, damage in transit or improper care taken when opening the artwork when received.

Please read the Return Policy as it is subject to a process and conditions.


I want to offer a high standard of product. For this reason I use quality materials with all of my original artwork, including professional canvases and paints. For fine art prints,  I partner with a registered fine art printer who uses archival papers and inks for my prints. For the 925 sterling silver jewellery bearing my original art printed to the silver, it is of the highest quality, produced by artisan jewellers using state of the art printing technology.

Artwork Documentation

All of my artwork is documented, photographed and archived professionally so that you know I am the original creator of the work and that I own the full copyright. You will receive a Certificate of Authenticity with your purchase.

Quality Inspection, Packaging & Shipping

Before your artwork purchase is sent to you, it is carefully checked for any damage, photographed, packed, photographed again and insured.