3 Top Art Visualisation Apps That Help Artists

3 Top Art Visualisation Apps That Help Artists

'Thalamus' original abstract expressionism painting hanging on wall. Bridget Bradley Art

Visualising Wall Art

Have you often looked at a painting or an art print and tried to imagine how it would look in your apartment or home? Where would you place it? What decor would it enhance? What feeling would it give to the room? After all, if you’re going to invest in wall art, it would be good to have some idea of how it might look.
The good news is that there are ways to preview art on walls in any setting, even your own home. How? With art visualisation apps and augmented reality.
There are many art previewing apps on the app market that allow you to add images to a space as well as using augmented reality to view wall art in any space in real time. However, not all art preview apps are the same nor do they offer the same functionalities. In this post, I want to introduce you to three of the best art visualisation apps that interior designers, artists and art galleries are using to showcase artworks to clients.
“It’s really exciting to be able to offer my original paintings in a wearable form both for art and fashion lovers alike”, says Bridget.

How do visualisation apps help artists?

There are very good reasons for artists to use visualisation apps as it helps present their artworks professionally. Artists may want to see how their art looks on a wall, or to help clients preview the art in a simulated setting. Art lovers and art collectors find an art visualisation app extremely useful on the go when deciding to purchase a specific artwork. Interior designers and art consultants use these apps for themselves and when presenting artworks and ideas to clients.

Popular Art Visualisation Apps

1. Artplacer

Through the use of Augmented Reality (AR) technology, and your device’s camera, the Artplacer app allows you to virtually hang a specific artwork or your own art in your own home, apartment or an office space.
Original art, photos or art prints are previewed in real time and may be scaled correctly for you. It is a professional way to present your art to clients. It offers a user friendly interface to upload your own artwork ready to show to anyone. You can even share your previews with friends, family or clients, favourite artworks, view galleries.
Virtual Exhibitions are possible with top visualisation App Artplacer
Artists can even use Artplacer on their own website for clients to preview their art in any space. They offer 3 types of widgets that can be embedded on websites: Client Room widget, Sample Room widget and Augmented reality (AR) widget.
In addition, if you wish to upload your art, you may be featured on their app.
Person Using Artplacer App on a Tablet
Artplacer has a range of pricing plans from Free Mobile app through to Premium. Artplacer works on MAC and plans are tailored for galleries, architects, interior designers, art curators, art consultants, artists and those who want to hold virtual exhibitions. A comprehensive art app for virtual previewing of art on walls or in galleries. View full features and pricing plans at the Artplacer website.

2. ArtRooms – Superimpose Art

This is a simple easy to use wall art preview tool for artists and art lovers alike.
Just pick a room, upload your art, add a frame of your choice and superimpose it on a wall, scale it to your preference and save.
Image of Artrooms -Superimpose App Information
There is a free plan available which is great if you want to start on a budget.
Each month this cool wall art preview app, offers new rooms to choose from to preview your art or any art on a wall. You can also change te wall colour using a Pantone wall colour options. Artrooms allows you to share your preview, subscribe to a monthly plan to unlock more features and to have your art featured. Available on Apple App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android. Choose monthly or annual subscriptions, Full Access Monthly $11.99 and Full Access Yearly is $89.99. Find out more at the App Store.

3. iArtView – For artists, Interior Designers and Galleries