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Sunset Desert – Original Abstract Painting


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51w x 40.5h x 4d cms, Acrylic on Canvas

✔️ Original one of a kind artwork

✔️ Unframed

✔️ Sustainably sourced materials

✔️ Sealed with UV light protector

✔️ Ready to hang

✔️ Signed and dated on back

✔️ Certificate of Authenticity included

When I started painting Sunset Desert, images sprung into my mind of the Australian desert. As though seeing the desert land from a bird’s eye view under the setting sun, the hot colours of desert wildflowers in whites and bursts of vibrant pinks, arid red desert sands, intense oranges like flames were somehow enhanced in my mind’s eye and went straight onto the canvas. I could almost touch the wildflowers and feel the heat coming off the hot dry sand. How beautiful is this.The painting has been created with impasto technique, layers of paint giving it texture to visually highlight the the patches of wildflowers and the undulating land.

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