Mont Marte Featured Artist

I had been using Mont Marte premium canvases and paints for a long time and I was both surprised and excited to have been approached by Mont Marte to be on the Artist Gallery and a Featured Artist on their Australia and global websites.

Bridget Bradley, holding her original abstract expressionism painting "Sunset Desert'. ©Bridget Bradley

Featured Abstract Art

A Mont Marte favourite, Sunset Desert original abstract expressionism painting on canvas

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Interview with Mont Marte

Mont Marte invited me to be interviewed and I am very happy to announce that the Featured Artist interview article has now been published to the Mont Marte websites. You can also see me on the Artist Gallery

Thankyou Mont Marte!

Take Me To The Interview

Interview Article

Creating and action painting with Bridget Bradley

Movement is at the heart of Bridget Bradley's work. An artist and yoga teacher on the Sunshine Coast, Bridget's (@bridgetbradleyart) abstract art is created by spontaneously dripping paint and using...

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Disclaimer: This information on this page is provided for informational purposes only. The Artist did not receive any payment or compensation for the Mont Marte Interview content as a Featured Artist.