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Why I Use Premium Art Materials

Premium Art Materials Enhance my Creative Excellence

As an artist, the tools and materials we use play a crucial role in our creative process. The choice between using regular or premium art materials is often a topic of debate among artists. Some may argue that regular materials get the job done just fine, while others, like myself, firmly believe that investing in premium art materials can significantly enhance creative result.

I want to share my thoughts with you on why I prefer using premium art materials and how they contribute to elevating my artistic experience.

Quality matters

Quality has always been important to me, so when it comes to creating art my preference is the same. Premium art materials are designed and manufactured with the highest standards in mind. Whether it's paint, brushes, canvas, or paper, the quality of these materials can greatly impact the final outcome of your artwork.

Premium paints

Premium paints, for example, are made with high-quality pigments, resulting in vibrant and long-lasting colours. They often have superior lightfastness, meaning your artwork will retain its original brilliance for years to come. For me as an acrylic abstract expressionist artist, it's vital that the paints are of the right consistency, smooth whether they be structure or flow. I mainly use premium flow acrylic paints. Neon colour is an integral part of my style and my neon paints must be the highest quality.

High-quality brushes

I find the greatest advantage of using premium art materials is their ability to provide better control and precision. Believe it or not, as an abstract expressionist there is an art and an accuracy to how I blend my paints, create my textured layers, even when I use action painting.

The smoothness of a high-quality brush gliding across the canvas and the richness of colours blending seamlessly together is like therapy to me. I love how high-quality brushes make paint smoother to apply. Premium brushes allow me to produce more intricate and complex effects. I believe it's important to trial a few high quality brands and find your favourites and stick to them.

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Premium Canvas and paper

I am fussy when it comes to the surfaces I use to make art. I choose premium canvas, museum grade that is archival canvas and art paper. My fine art prints are also printed with archival inks on archival canvas and paper. I use, archival, acid-free art paper to create paper artworks. I use acid free papers or glassine to wrap my original paintings in before they are bubble wrapped for added protection.

With my abstractions, every gesture, flick or drip matters, this ensures the best expression of my artwork. These premium canvases and papers have excellent texture and weight, providing a strong surface for my various techniques and because of this I know the integrity of my artwork will be maintained over a very long time. My personal choice is Mont Marte premium canvases. Papers are a personal choice and it depends on the paints you are using and the finish you would like to achieve. I use a variety of premium art papers, acid free and usually at least 300grams.


Durability is another important aspect I like to consider. The premium art materials I chose, are made to last a legacy. I want my art collectors to be able to enjoy my artworks for a long time, to be able to hand them down to friends or family.

Whether it's the archival quality of acid-free paper or the lightfastness of pigments, the art materials that I select, I want to ensure they resist fading, yellowing, and deterioration. This means that when I create an artwork using premium inks, paints, canvases or papers, it will remain just beautiful the day I created it.

Premium art materials matter to me

As a full time Artist using premium art materials, it not only contributes to the overall experience of creating art it gives me a sense of commitment and dedication to my art journey and business.

Creating my abstracts is a very sensory and emotional process, my ability to use my intuition and emotions pushes my artistic boundaries and helps me explore new possibilities. For me, premium art supplies add to this whole tactile and sensory experience of creating art. 


Premium art supplies and pricing

It's true, premium art supplies usually come at a higher price and for a small art business like my own this can be challenging. However, I keep to my standards of high quality and consider these premium paints, canvases and papers as an investment in my artistic journey and the best for my collectors.

As an Artist, I view these materials not only as expenses but as tools that help me to reach my full creative potential, providing me with the means to reach a result I am happy with. It means I value the art that I create and those art lovers and art collectors who love my art will know the value and appreciate it.

Of course, the choice to use premium art materials is my personal preference and not everyone starting out will have the budget. However, as someone who seeks to continuously improve and refine my artistic skills as an Abstract Artist, I firmly believe that investing in premium paints, canvases, papers and other materials is worth the money. The quality, control, durability, and overall experience they offer me enhances my creativity.

I hope you find this post useful. Everyone finds what works best for them, however if you're aiming for high quality, art that lasts a legacy for collectors and art lovers to hand down then like me, you might consider using art materials that are of archival quality.



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