Bridget Bradley, Abstract expressionist Artist Behind the Scenes with her original paintings and art materials

Why Do I Paint?

Welcome to my journal!

Thank you for visiting my artist journal where I will blog post my thoughts and experiences along my artist journey. 

Obviously, I have always been a creative since childhood and I leaned toward the arts during school and studied various aspects of Art, including different techniques right through college.

I eventually went into the creative industries as a teen and after a decade and experiencing the pandemic my focus changed. Now I am the Creative Director of my own small Artist business. But, there's more to why I paint. 


I create art by capturing my intense emotions and share them through my energising, uplifting language of colour. I want to inspire, to offer healing and aesthetics to you through my art 


Below is my YouTube short which shares more about the reason why I paint.

I look forward to sharing more about my artist journey here, so be sure to stay connected.


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Thank you so much for visiting my website and journal, I truly appreciate it.




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