Image of Bridget Bradley, Abstract expressionist Artist, in painting clothes holding a small original abstract painting.

Artist Insights: 3 Big Mistakes You Can Avoid

Art has always been in my life, starting out as a small child I loved to draw, colour and paint. My mother is an Artist too and I would watch her drawing, selecting colours and placing them carefully on the canvas. I loved art and continued to study art at school and later in college.

Image of bright pink paint and brushes with pink paint over them

During the pandemic, I started to paint and found it gave me a sense of peace, freedom and most importantly, healing during this uncertain and restrictive time.


I wanted to share some of my artist insights in the hope that it helps other creatives or anyone trying to start a business.

When I first started painting, I was often met with negative feedback which unfortunately stuck with me like glue for some time. I remember meeting a woman, who asked me what sort of Artist I was and her response, oh, you're an Abstract Artist, so really you paint nothing.

Other responses were, wtf is that? and I don't like your art or I don't get your art.

I still get comments like this today. but the difference is that between then and now, I've grown and reached a point where it just doesn't affect me any more. This is because I finally believe in myself, my art, my purpose as an Artist. As my Mum would say,

Let it be as water to a duck's back


Along my Artist journey, I continue to grow as a person, learn about myself, art and develop my artistic skills. 

Artist Insights

3 Big Mistakes I Learned From That You Can Avoid

#1. I doubted myself and my art

Believe in your art, the right people will find you and love your creations. It just takes time.

#2. I listened to the haters and their opinions

This relates back to point the first lesson. If you believe in yourself, your art, purpose and have a passion for it, then it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

#3. I took on the, this isn’t a real job mindset

Think like an entrepreneur. You are creating your own business so you must have a positive mindset.

There you have it. I hope this encourages others to adopt a new attitude and avoid making mistakes that hold you back.



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