About Me

My mission as an artist is to heal and to offer healing to others by capturing intense emotions and sharing them through the energising, uplifting language of colour.

– Bridget Bradley


As an artistic empath, I paint abstract art intuitively, exploring and capturing my inner world of profound emotions, ethereal realities, hidden memories of experiences, which is often hard to put into words.

Since childhood, my emotional world has always been amplified, be it sound, feelings, visual impressions or picking up sensations from all around me.

This was quite daunting to me and I often expressed these amplified emotions by drawing and colouring. Over time, I’ve learned to accept and to use those heightened senses in ways that are helpful for myself and others.

When I paint, I use my unique hypersensory cues to tap into deep emotions in real time, transferring them onto the canvas as an explosion of intense colours. My unique colour language is a way of connecting with others, of sharing my emotional experiences and stories. I describe my paintings as, art with soul. This is a spontaneous, fluid process with no preconceived idea of social norms or expectations. I love to express with neon colours which are often an integral part of my paintings.

Image of abstract artist Bridget Bradley holding her original painting, 'Broken Blush'

While I don’t follow any one artist, I admire the works of Jackson Pollock. My style is unstructured, mixed with a splash of the urban, of graffiti and street art.

Image of abstract artist, Bridget Bradley with original painting, Oxytocin II


During the pandemic, I painted more prolifically. Much like an alchemist, I merge my feelings and energy into the movement of my gestural strokes, colours, layers and spatters to share my unique voice, my story within the artwork. My approach is unafraid and comes from my raw consciousness. Using unique colour combinations and blending techniques, I make art that is layered with impasto techniques and under paintings. Often heavily textured, my art is unique and made to outlast trends. I have been a featured artist and have received art awards for excellence in art. I paint abstract expressionist artworks for hip people who enjoy style, who are fascinated by how the mind works, who aspire to a healthy lifestyle, mindfulness and yoga. I offer my art as aesthetics for creating beautiful, lifestyle inspiring spaces, to help people to feel, to ignite their senses and to find healing through the energy of my art and colours.

Always the observer, the listener, I invite you into my unique world, to be still in the moment, to be uplifted and allow your own emotional response to arise. Through the colour and textural energy of my paintings, I evoke emotion, mindfulness and healing.

For me Art & Yoga are both very mindful practices that I combine as an artist. I find practising Yoga not only brings balance, calm and joy to my life, in addition it benefits my creative spirit.

Bridget Bradley Abstract Artist with painting in progress.



  • 2022 – Bold Abstracts 2022 Art Exhibition – Camelback Gallery AZ, USA
  • 2022 – 13th Annual “Abstracts” Art Exhibition, LST Gallery, FL, USA
  • 2021 Featured Artist, Monthly Picks, Discover on Artplacer, NY, USA

  • 2021 Featured Artist, Camelback Gallery, Scottsdale AZ, USA

  • 2021 Virtual Exhibition, No Middleman Gallery, FL, USA 

  • 2021 “Open Art Exhibition” Light Space & Time Gallery, FL, USA

  • 2021 – “555 Special” Art Exhibition – Summer 2021, Light Space & Time Gallery, FL, USA

  • 2021 – 11th Annual “Landscapes” Art Exhibition, Light Space & Time, FL, USA

  • 2021 – 11th Annual “Animals” Art Exhibition, Light Space & Time, FL, USA

the art of abstraction with soul